Don't read this review. Go see it

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This movie will definitely disappoint

This pretentious movie was way over the top.

First things first. This was

I thought this was going to be along

The movie illustrate the 1970s

The original Mr. Peabody and Sherman appeared

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This is the imagined prequel to 'The Wizard

Peter Jackson's second installment in his Hobbit

The thoughts going through my

It is still very early in

It's October and it is

I am honestly somewhat tired of superhero flicks.

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I was attracted to this

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Very hilarious movie to watch.

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This film is absolutely brilliant ,

As a sci-fi fan I

The Wolf Of Wall Street

Django unchained is one amazing masterpiece.The

It was a good movie

Let me first begin by

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I could have…… washed my

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After watching the movie for

It was a good description of the current

After seeing this movie, I could kick myself

A sequel to both the

There is something sadly missing from this film,

The X-Men film series has been

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This movie had great

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The saying goes "Fool me once, shame

The movie didn't make

I don't have trouble

While black English director Steve McQueen

Before I walked to the silver

Not even close to the

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